KOHLER K-99695 DTV+ System controller module

KOHLER K-99695 DTV+ System controller module

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The DTV+ system controller acts as the wiring center and "brain" for the DTV+ showering system, providing connections for every component and powering the digital interfaces. Every DTV+ system, at a minimum, requires one K-99693 interface, a K-99694 mounting bracket, and this system controller - beyond that, everything is customizable.

  • Provides power to the digital interfaces and controls digital valves and other connected system devices.
  • Integrated web pages for system set up and configuration using a computer/laptop connected via router or connection to home network.
  • Automatically checks for software updates (with internet access).
  • Two ports for connecting digital valve/s.
  • Eight ports for system component connections.
  • One Ethernet port for hardwire connection to home network or via Wi-Fi adapter (customer supplied).
  • One jack for power cord connection.
  • Provides connections for all system components.

Additional Resources:
Specification Sheet
Installation Instructions

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